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Harvard Visual China Workshop Series

03/30/2016  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"Painting Viewing Session: Song through Qing"

On March 30th, 2016, Harvard Visual China and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston organized a painting viewing session for students of East Asian art history, literature, and history from Harvard University. With the help of the Asian painting conservator Jing Gao and the Research Assistant Xiao Chen, the students viewed a selection of Song-Qing masterpieces and discussed their aesthetic connection with literature.

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04/10/2016  Yue Lu吕越

"Costume Design Workshop"

Professor Yue Lv, together with Assistant Professor Xie Mengdi from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, hosted an interactive costume design workshop that brought together Harvard students and graduate students from CAFA. During the workship, they introduced different material properties of the fabrics, ways of cuttings, etc. Participants had hands-on experience to design skirts using different fabrics. The workshop was free of charge and open to the Harvard Community.

04/29/2016  Rong Bao Zhai 荣宝斋

"The Chiseled Image: Traditional Chinese Woodblock Printing"

Three master woodblock carvers and printers from one of China’s oldest extant print shops, the Rongbaozhai 荣宝斋, lectured on and demonstrated carving and printing techniques from the repertoire of traditional Chinese woodblock printing. They also discussed the nuances of their work and what seperates it from other woodblock traditions.

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