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Twisted Pillar & Bended Bracket of Architecture in the Han-art Stone Reliefs

Time: Thursday, Feb 15, 6:30PM          Location: Gund 124

ChinaGSD is very honored to invite Professor Liu Guan, the Deputy Director of Han-Art Institute of Peking Unversity and Associate Professor of Beijing Forestry University to give a lecture entitled Twisted Pillar & Bended Bracket of Architecture in the Han-art Stone Reliefs on this coming Thursday.

Professor Eugene Wang, the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art Chinese, will join the discussion after the lecture.

Given there was no actual wooden building of the Han dynasty, except ruins still exists today, one of the best way to know the structural details should be in the study for those relevant architectural images and models excavated from contemporaneous tombs. However, as indirect evidence, there inevitably are exaggerating or even fictive components in those materials, so we have to distinguish the authentic architecture reflections with prudent analysis reasoning.
Meanwhile, constructional activities and technologies experienced a flourish of variety in the Han Dynasty, and they always spontaneously led to many special architectural forms which are beyond our conventional understandings about Chinese traditional architecture, so on the other hand, we also need to keep an open mind for any potential hypothesis. And the two trivial case studies for the twisted pillar and bended bracket are just vivid embodiments of those related but contradictory aspects.

Food will be served!

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