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Harvard Visual China Lecture Series

01/26/2016  Zhijie Qiu 邱志杰

"The Artist as a Cartographer"

Mapping has provided Qiu with a method to bring together research, writing, imagination and action. It serves as the central pivot of his way of working, connecting his thinking of artistic creation, curating, writing, research and education. 
Qiu’s maps depict geographical and conceptual territories placed according to his own categorization of knowledge and ideologies. His Mapping the World series, including The Map of the 21st Century, The Map of Utopia, The Map of Total Art, and The Map of Reactivation has been exhibitied in Venice Beinnale 2015 and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive 2016.

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03/31/2016  Xilin He 贺西林


Xilin He is a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. The lecture re-examined the images of a deity couple, Fuxi and Nvwa, commonly found in the Han Dynasty stone carvings and questioned the established practice of identifying any pairing of male and female deities with serpentine bodies as "Fuxi and Nvwa". By analyzing surviving images and textual sources comparatively, Prof. He reconstructed the development process of the motif of Fuxi and Nvwa in early Chinese art and concluded that most of the images regarded as "Fuxi and Nvwa" are in fact "Deities of Yin and Yang".

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04/08/2016  Yue Lu吕越

"The Spatial Concept of Costume Design"

Professor Yue Lv is one of the most influential fashion designers in China. As an early pioneer of fashion in the 1990s, she curated the widely acclaimed International Fashion Art Exhibjition in Beijing, which laid down a milestone in the Fashion Art of China. She is also the founder of the Faculty of Fashion Design in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, which received wide recognition. Professor Lv presented on her multi-disciplinary design philosophy and discussed the concept of space in costume design.

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